northeastern u.s. house concert tour

10 house concerts in 10 days. Grassroots art & community are so faith-restoring. Thankful to the folks that opened up their homes these last two weeks, who made food and provided space and listened with such presence and generosity (and let me crash on their couches)! 

Photos by Michael & Susan Karchmer, Organic Photo Cape Cod, and Paul Schulenberg. Pantings by Paul Schulenberg’s Cape Cod painting group.

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Fall tour begins

Emily’s fall tour for “We Who Believe in Freedom” has kicked off in NYC, and will continue with dates throughout the Northeast, Texas, and California. Check the “tour” page for more info.

emily elbert rockwood music hall

L.A. Weekly's "Best of L.A. Music"

Honored to be included amongst the year's “Best of L.A. Music," in L.A. Weekly:

Best Jam Musician:

"Singer-guitarist Emily Elbert cooks up such a funky and engrossing groove of bluesy chords and jazzy accents that you might miss the pointed words she purrs slyly underneath "True Power," an unsparing repudiation of the current president; the single will be on her upcoming,social justice–focused EP, due out in September. "True power can't be bought or stolen/If you build a wall of hatred, prepare to watch it crumble," Elbert warns coolly with a smooth soulfulness even as her hands continue to casually shuffle and dole out quick-moving chords. The local guitarist has toured with Esperanza Spalding and played with Mike Gordon and Dweezil Zappa. It's rare that such an adept vocalist can also make her way around the guitar neck with Elbert's complete dexterity and non-flashy assurance." - Falling James

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L.A. Weekly Write-Up

Thanks to Falling James Moreland at L.A. Weekly for the great piece promoting this week's Hotel Cafe show:

"Emily Elbert would be considered remarkable just for her guitar playing, which segues from hard-edged funk and blues to more gently subtle jazz intricacy. But she’s an equally adept vocalist, weaving her soulful phrasing nimbly within the rhythms and “the silence in the space between the notes” of her guitar chords. The local singer tries to reconcile the opposing worlds of creationism and evolution in three succinct lines from the title track of her Evolve EP: 'There’s a force that brings us together/It’s the same one that created us all/And now the point is to evolve.' "

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Café Momentum Sunday Supper

Dallas family: I'm honored to be a part of Café Momentum's Sunday Supper Concert Series, presented by Eric Nadel. Café Momentum is a locally-sourced nonprofit restaurant that provides culinary, job and life-skill training, as well as continued mentorship and support to young people coming out of the juvenile detention system.

The amazing team at Café Momentum is developing a one-night-only menu for the concert, based on foods that have a personal significance to me, and I can't wait to share in it all together. Dallas songwriter Kirk Thurmond will be sharing his soulful sounds to open up the show as well. Please join us for this beautiful night of food, music, and community in support of CM's impactful work. Tickets here.